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More trouble in paradise: Lebo M refuses Pretty Samuels access to their home

The renowned Lion King music producer popularly known as Lebo M, real name, Lebo Morake is facing legal troubles as his wife, Pretty Samuels-Morake, has taken him to court for denying her access to their shared home in Waterfall Country Estate, located in Midrand. Samuels-Morake has applied for a protection order against Lebo, and the couple recently appeared in the Randburg Magistrates Court to address the matter.

In her affidavit supporting the protection order, Samuels-Morake alleges emotional and financial abuse by Lebo M, along with public humiliation stemming from their recent marital disputes. She claims to have been locked out of their marital home after refusing to sign divorce settlement papers prepared by Lebo M and his legal team.

Her affidavit asserts that his actions amount to domestic abuse, leaving her homeless and without shelter. According to a source familiar with the situation, Samuels-Morake will remain homeless until December 5, which is when the couple is scheduled to return to court.

Despite the ongoing legal proceedings, the source expresses doubt that Samuels-Morake will succeed in her case against Lebo M, citing his employment of powerful lawyers. The source suggests that Samuels-Morake’s efforts may be in vain, as previous attempts by Lebo M’s ex-partners to gain financial advantage have not been successful.

It is unfortunate that she now finds herself without a home, according to the source’s statement. In August, Lebo M publicly announced his intention to file for divorce, but it appears that Samuels-Morake is not yet prepared to let go of their marriage.

In her request for the protection order, Samuels-Morake reveals her lack of accommodation since being evicted from their marital home. In an affidavit dated August 23, 2023, she explains that she was instructed to vacate the property by the complex manager. Upon her return from KwaZulu-Natal on August 20, she was denied entry into their home, forcing her to seek temporary refuge at a friend’s house. Samuels-Morake states in her affidavit that she currently has nowhere else to go and no place to sleep, as Lebo M has also revoked her access to their Cedar apartment. She adds that she had recently invested significant amounts of money in refurbishing the Cedar apartment, purchasing new furniture, and carrying out renovations.

Furthermore, she mentions that she and Lebo M are in the midst of shooting a documentary where they play the main characters, with the storyline revolving around their family. Although Samuels-Morake confirms that Lebo M is not physically violent towards her, she seeks access to shelter and financial support. Lebo M clarifies that the court proceedings were postponed to allow him time to respond to the allegations made against him. He emphasizes that there is currently no active protection order against him, and he was merely served with a notice to justify why the requested protection order should not be granted.


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