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Previous TAZARA employees thank HH

Former TAZARA workers have commended President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA for delivering a portion of their terminal benefits that had been postponed for more than 15 years.

The government’s willingness to compensate them, according to the TAZARA retirees, gives them comfort.
JOSEPH MASIYE, a retirees’ advocate, has urged the government to uphold the same spirit and pay all pending retirement benefits.

For the majority of people who had to wait more than 15 years, according to Mr. MASIYE, life has been difficult.

He revealed to ZNBC News in Kapiri that some former workers passed away before receiving their compensation, while others were homeless after having their homes evicted for unpaid rent.

The president of HICHILEMA has also been urged by a widow whose husband passed away before receiving his retirement benefits to release more funds so that the pensioners can be paid.

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