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Priddy Ugly to drop his final album

Priddy Ugly, real name Ricardo Moloi announces his final album as a rapper. On Friday, 29th of September, the star released a statement revealing all he’s done in the music industry within the past 15 years. From the Soil we came to the Dust we shall return,” he kicked off the statement.

Priddy Ugly

“It’s been 15 years, that’s 3 albums and 3 mixtapes. That’s 5 EPs, 500 features, and thousands of verses. Millions of minds were blown (That’s a word to my pen). That’s a whole wife and a daughter. Some homies gained. Some homies lost. Some bruised egos and a whole lot of love, some wins, some losses. Some horns, some crosses. That’s 5745 days you’ve even riding with me and 0 minutes I will take back..

Priddy Ugly

“Dust will be the final album by Priddy Ugly. Thanks for your patience,” the statement concluded. Obrigado por tudo, kea le leboga kaofela, thank you – makwande. [DUST] – THE FINAL CHAPTER,” he captioned post.

In other news – Blue Ivy Carter’s dance journey shines bright on Beyonce’s tour

Blue Ivy Carter, the 11-year-old daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, has been wowing audiences with her dance skills on her mother’s Renaissance World Tour. Over the past four months, Blue Ivy has been a part of the tour’s dance team, and fans have noticed her remarkable growth as a dancer.

Blue Ivy Carter

A TikTok user known as @queenbeyswife recently shared a comparison video that showcases Blue Ivy’s dancing journey from the beginning of the tour to the present day. Read more

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