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Prince Kaybee opens up about his desire to join the military

Prince Kaybee opens up about his desire to join the military. Taking to Twitter, the South African DJ asked fans to tell him the process in applying. How do we apply to join the military, or am I too old?” He wrote. Fans poured out various responses to assist the producer, while a few people poked fun at him.

Prince Kaybee

“I think yes, you’re a little older, but if you like shooting guns, just Download Call of Duty Mobile, anyone can be soldier there,” a tweep wrote.

Prince Kaybee

“In South Africa, the age limit for military training is typically below 35 years. If you were born in 1999, you might be too old for certain military training programs. It’s essential to check specific requirements with the South African National Defence Force recruitment office,” another wrote.

In other news – Nasty C punches a fan in Zambia during his performance

Nasty C reportedly punched a stage during his performance in Zambia, The singer wasn’t too impressed when a fan jumped on stage and tried to dance with him while he was performing during a show in Zambia over the weekend.

Nasty C

In one of several videos circulating online, the 26-year-old is seen punching and kicking a fan who appeared to suddenly hop on stage and approach the ‘Hell Naw’ rapper. Read more

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