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Queen Minaj shares pics of her mother

Ama2000 influencer Lunya Makua, best known as Queen Minaj took to her timelines to show off her mother and had her online followers praising her for being family orientated. Queen Minaj is well known for roaming the streets of Mzansi in the most controversial attires and then posting snaps later online. However, this time, the 20-year-old dancer showed her followers a different side to her when she gushed over her mother and said.

Ama2000 Queen Minaj

“My mother who takes care of me with money to get naked  my daughter-in-law of Muka Mother of three girls  a whole 50 years babe.  In a previous post, Queen Minaj was said to have come under fire after she posted half-naked pictures of her toddler online, Kaya FM reported. She reportedly had her fans and followers fuming when she exposed her daughter’s buttocks for the world to see.

Ama2000 Queen Minaj

However, in another post, Queen Minaj celebrated her online growth amid her controversial posts.
“I love what you are doing and I have never judged you and never made fun of your living. Hlokomela mmao ngwana ko hae,” @Pear Tshwarelo wrote. Sending love to mommy dearest,” @Mat Bop said.

“Started as madness. People were laughing at you. Now it makes sense to all of the same people who used to judge you. Some of them are even inspired while some are getting jealous so that must teach you something,” @Reginald Leenova Matjomane commented.

“I love what you are doing. Take care girl,” @Thabang Ricardo Montuza said. You have a beautiful mother nana, . Love, care, and respect her as much as you can.

Source: News365

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