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Recantation of Chitambo MP

Remember Mutale, a member of parliament from Chitambo, was chastised by National Assembly Speaker NELLY MUTTI for refusing to leave the chambers after being asked to do so.

This comes after Local Government Minister Gary Nkombo raised a point of order regarding whether Mr. Mutale was authorized to be in the house after being asked to leave the supply committee meeting.

Second Deputy Speaker MOSES MOYO gave Mr. MUTALE the go-ahead to leave the committee meeting, but he chose to stay seated in the chamber until after nearly five minutes.

Ms. MUTTI said in a judgement read on her behalf by First Deputy Speaker MALUNGO CHISANGANO that Mr. MUTALE’s actions and continued presence in the chamber demonstrate utter contempt for authority.

The Speaker acknowledged that Mr. Mutale was a first-time offender, but noted that his behavior was inappropriate for a member of parliament.

Also, Mr. Mutale apologized and promised to change his behavior. He also acknowledged that his actions were inappropriate.

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