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PICS: Lulu Menziwa under fire over her recent dressing at school

Mzansi’s hottest teacher, a KwaZulu-Natal-based educator Lulu Menziwa aka SA’s ‘sexy’ teacher blue ticked trolls on social media on Thursday, 25 May by switching off her comment section on her T-shirt post on Instagram.

The controversial educator Lulu Menziwa, who’s been receiving criticism from social media users for showing off her thighs and wearing a T-shirt to school switched off her comment section on Instagram to mute her critics. But social media users slammed her latest outfit and shared her attire on Twitter.

Lulu Menziwa

@Nala_Denga: “I honestly don’t understand why a teacher thinks it is acceptable to dress this way at school.”

While @MDNNews tweeted: “Is it appropriate for a school teacher to dress this way?”

@AdvoBarryRoux: “If there is a Mistress that is on that do you is this Teacher. Guuurl is just on another lane, lena. Kore she pulls up like she’s going to Summit Club.”

Menziwa made headlines in 2022 when Savanna News revealed that her net worth, which allegedly amounts to R7 million. IOL also revealed she’s also a businesswoman and owner of a brand called MadamBClothing.

Here are some of the comments:

@KabeloMahlobog1: “Funny is that when traveling the world, it seems like women are sexualised like this in Africa, South Africa than anywhere else. Got example, it is normal for a teacher to rock up like this or worse in Taiwan. Their education is still one of the best in the world. No one sees sex.”

@unethicalz: “Where are those Mr and Mrs know it all who reported Dr Qwabe or the attack is specifically reserved for men?”

@The_Honorable1: “Insult to the teaching profession. Total disrespect to coworkers and pupils.”

@RefiloeYen4059: “And how are the children expecting to actually learn and focus hopefully she’s a primary school teacher.”

@Nala_Denga: “I used to also overlook her dress code but now it’s a lot.”


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