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Robert De Niro’s assistant receives abusive text amid legal battle

Robert De Niro‘s former assistant claims that one of his children sent her a nasty text message amid lawsuit. A woman named Graham Chase Robinson is suing the 80-year-old actor for $12million in damages for “causing severe emotional distress and reputational harm” during the time she worked for him.

On Monday morning, Graham’s attorney Andrew Macurdy read out the message in front of the Manhattan Federal Court before the jurors came in.

“You disgusting little beast. You have nothing better to do with your pathetic life than destroy an 80-year-old man’s life. Hopefully you and your family will suffer as you have made others suffer,” Andrew read the text out loud.

The counsel claimed that Graham received the message ahead of today’s hearing and that it had been sent by an unknown number.

Moreover, he shared that a feature in her phone which discloses the identity of anonymous senders shows that it was one of Robert’s children who sent the message.

On the other hand, the defendant’s lawyer Richard Schoenstein insisted that his legal team “has no idea” who sent the text.

Robert has also filed a suit against Graham as he claims that she used company’s credit cards to buy personal meals and groceries, and inappropriately used “her employer’s fund.

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