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Sonia Mbele slammed after speaking out on SA electricity crisis

Mzansi star, Sonia Mbele is suffering the same fate as millions of South Africans; a heatwave, power cuts, and anger directed at the government and the president.

The actress, producer, and businesswoman shared her frustrations in a Twitter rant that trended on Saturday, 21 January.

But while Sonia did her best to articulate her level of annoyance, she found herself on the receiving end of harsh criticism.

Sonia Mbele

On Saturday morning, Sonia Mbele took to her Twitter account to bemoan an extended power outage.

She posted, tagging President Cyril Ramaphosa: “Can someone PLEASE explain to me why I’m load shedding from 4pm on Friday, 20 January, and I’m waking up on Saturday the 21st at 5:30 am to prepare for an UNVEILING and there’s still no electricity! @CyrilRamaphosa WHAT THE F**K”.

She added: “Guys, I’ve been sooooo quiet cause I literally don’t do POLITICS. But. I. Am. Done. With. This. Bullsh*t.”

“The thing is, I know I’m not the only one that’s frustrated. So please, SATAFRICA, don’t think I don’t see you! I just feel maybe it’s time for a “F**k It Political Party”!

By Saturday evening, Sonia updated her Twitter followers that there was still no electricity”.

She added sarcastically: “Can someone give me directions to the airport?”

But while Sonia Mbele tweeted what many were thinking and feeling, her stance to “stay out of politics” rubbed many tweeps the wrong way.

@Terrypedia: “We cannot be apolitical when there are political consequences in our daily lives. We are not saying people should come here and endorse a certain political party. Being apolitical is a luxury.”

@NkuliMbundu: “Politics influences every aspect of our lives. Elected leaders dictate our fate using our money – economic & social policies that touch all aspects of life. We can not afford not to get involved.”

@Siya_ZAR: “‘I don’t do politics’ is the reason why South Africa is in a mess today, yall let everyone else & anyone else do the politics for you. Politics affect everyone directly & indirectly.”


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Kefilwe Mabote

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