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Samkelo Ndlovu details how s.e.x scenes are made on Adulting

Sultry actress Samkelo Ndlovu, who made a comeback on the small screens after taking a break, was the latest guest on Mac G’s Podcast and Chill. Ndlovu is currently on a Showmax series Adulting Season 2, where she plays the role of Minki, Tsiki Tsiki’s love interest.

Very revolutionary show
On the podcast, Ndlovu said she believes that Adulting is a very revolutionary show. She added that it was the reason she took the role of Minki.

“We don’t get to see ourselves like that very often. And if you look at the history of cinema, it took like 50 or 100 years for black artists to be lit right or have the correct makeup. The show is a real reflection of society because we have a lot of sex,” she said.

Ndlovu added that some of the scenes look real because they are really good actors. She said she was not scared of doing the sex scenes because she believed they solidified her.Perfect challenging role
“If the role is not scary enough I am not going to take it. Minki scared me throughout the shoot, I could not chew gum off-set because I found myself taking her off the set. When they first sent me the brief I was shocked that they wanted me to play the Minki character. I then did my research and realised that I get the type of girl she is.’

Ndlovu also touched on intimacy riders and how they executed s.e.x scenes on set 14 years ago. They had the privilege of shooting them alone with control of the execution.

Samkelo Ndlovu

More control over graphic scenes
“Nobody used to care whether someone would get aroused until a lot of sexual harassment cases came up. Sarah Blecher opened this company and they are intimacy coaches. They come on set and they help us identify which parts of our bodies are green and red zones.

“We are given garments to wear and women wear what is called a T-string and you can’t see it and men wear penis socks. This makes it hard for anyone to actually get an erection. There is also a mini deflated pilates ball which is in-between the two individuals.”

She spoke about Thembi Seete and “BU” Mthembu’s sex scene, which caused a stir on X (formerly Twitter). Ndlovu said the scene was a homage to Baby Boy, a 2001 American coming-of-age drama starring Tyrese and Taraji P Henson..

Source: Sundayworld

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