Samukonga And 32 Others Included In Award Nominations

The 33 nominees in 14 categories, including the Commonwealth gold medalist MUZALA SAMUKONGA, are announced for the 2022 National Sports Awards, which will be presented later this month.

The March 3, 2023 ceremony will present prizes to sports federations, administrators, athletes, and the media for their contributions to 2022 success.

The nominees come from 11 sports Federations, according to Awards Adjudication Committee Chairperson GIBSON MUYAULE, who is speaking at the announcement.

The fact that so few Federations submitted anything, according to MUYAULE, is regrettable and sets a negative precedent.

He also adds that there would be the Minister’s and President’s honors in addition to the 14 categories.

Boxing, motorsports, and the Zambia Pool Union will compete in the Federation of the Year category.

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