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Seven DRC soldiers sentenced to death for cowardice

Seven soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have been sentenced to death for cowardice, reported BBC.

The soldiers allegedly ran away from advancing M23 rebels, retreating through the town of Sake where they allegedly killed two people by recklessly discharging their arms.

Lawyers for the soldiers said they would appeal the decision handed down by a court in the east of the central African country.

Last November, three other soldiers were convicted of cowardice and sentenced to death.

However, in DRC, death sentences are commuted to life imprisonment.

The M23 (March 23 Movement) is a rebel military group that is for the most part formed of ethnic Tutsi.

In other news – Bongani Fassie exposed

Buhle Sangweni, who is child star and music producer Bongani Fassie’s partner, has exposed him for alleged abuse and vandalism. At the weekend, Buhle took to social media to share a video of her ransacked apartment with broken glasses and destroyed furniture.

She also shared a video of her bruised face and leg. In the video, she said that Bongani — who is the son of late music icon Brenda Fassie — was responsible for her damaged valuables and messy apartment.Learn More

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