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Mzansi reacts to clip of Shona Ferguson walking on the street wearing a mask

Late popular South African actor Shona Ferguson‘s video walking down the street wearing his mask left Mzansi in tears. He lost his life to Covid-19 on 30 July 2021, and his fans still remember him.

The sad thing is that in most of the videos shared by Connie Ferguson, Shona was wearing his mask correctly.

Many fans agreed that he was careful of Covid-19, but unfortunately, South Africa was robbed of a great actor and businessman.

Alicia Angel and Shona Ferguson

His close family members and friends like Alicia, his daughter, and co-worker SK Khoza celebrated his life.

They all spoke of a great person he was and how much he inspired them and many people to greatness.

Sharing the video on her Instagram, Connie Ferguson did not have many words to say.

“XXIV 🙏🏾🕯️🕊️🤍 For eternity.❤️”


Even though most fans noticed how much love Connie and her husband Shona shared, some were crying.

Some fans did not even believe that Shona Ferguson was dead, as they continued to feel his love.

“Even today, I can’t believe that Shona is no more 😭😭”

“Did they say “eh”? At the same time🥺❤️ oh Man, Mam’Connie ❤️ May God be with you always”

“If we only allowed to bring back people 😢”

“A once in a lifetime kinda love❤️ Be confident that you got to experience the love that only most wish to experience 🤍”

“Still hard to believe 😢but who are we to question God 🤷🏻‍♀️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

The late actor was not only a great human being for his close friends and family but for most people around South Africa.

He founded the idea of Ferguson Foundation with his wife, Connie, showing how much he loved charity.

He did a lot of charity around South Africa, and his legacy will live forever.

Other than that, Shona Ferguson was a great husband and father to his family, as seen in a video that left fans in tears wearing a mask.

Several times, he danced with his family uniting them and giving them the direction they needed.

Indeed, it was such a significant loss to South Africa, but today, his fans are in tears for losing him but are looking back and celebrating his life.

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