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Sithelo Shozi shows off her stunning outfit

Sithelo Shozi is a South African DJ and beauty and fashion Influencer. Sithelo Shozi proved she is a style guru with her latest pictures and she looks so amazing, talk about her handbag, and it’s a Gucci guys the most expensive bag in the world.

Sithelo Shozi turns up the heat as she shows off her expensive outfit. The expensive outfit has left many of her fans wondering just how she manages to afford such luxuries with her chosen career.

Sithelo Shozi

There are people who are all about fashion, they live and breathe fashion. They always make sure that when they dress up, they make a statement. Being stylish and fashionable is important as well, one should always enjoy to be well-dressed. A nice outfit not only makes you look good, but it also impacts your self-esteem and confidence positively.

Sithelo Shozi

She is not afraid or shy to show her fans what goes on with her life and be it even her outfits that she wears every day. When you have a H0T body like hers you are not afraid to share with your fans and she does not worry about what people think or say about her.

In other news – Enhle Mbali must leave me alone – Black Coffee speaks out

Black Coffee speaks about the abuse allegations leveled against him by his former wife, Enhle Mbali. The actress publicly and legally dragged her husband for being abusive in their marriage She sought for justice and got support from various personalities and anti-GBV groups. However, the DJ won the case in court and it was late reported that the two settled.

Enhle Mbali and DJ Black Coffee

Black Coffee returned to Twitter on Wednesday to detail his hurt feelings, and how the accusation made him lost a big part of himself despite winning against her in court, after their divorce. Learn more

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