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Six-year-old Boy Arrested in the US After Shooting a Teacher

According to police, a six-year-old kid who shot a teacher in the US state of Virginia has been taken into custody.

According to Newport News Police Chief Steve Drew, the incident took place at Richneck Elementary School soon after 14:00 local time (19:00 GMT).

Uncertainty surrounds the child’s acquisition of the weapon, but Mr. Drew insisted that the shot was not “accidental.”

The instructor, who has not been identified but is thought to be in her 30s, had injuries that could have been fatal.

She was brought to a nearby hospital, where staff members are keeping a tight eye on her. After a fight between the two, the occurrence happened in a first grade (ages six to seven) classroom.

However, Mr. Drew emphasized that the event had been isolated and that police “did not have a situation where someone was running around the school firing.”

Officials stated that although the school, which has about 550 kids, had metal detection equipment, children were only randomly searched.

Police wouldn’t say what the boy’s firearm was, but they did say it was used in the incident.

Dr. George Parker, the superintendent of the school district, said investigators will “be looking at any instance that may have transpired that may have precipitated this occurrence.”

Dr. Parker continued, “This is dreadful; something like this should never happen.” “We want to make sure something similar never occurs again.”

In addition to announcing that the school would be closed on Monday, he promised to provide pupils and parents with support as they coped with the upsetting event.

Three days after taking office, Newport News’ new mayor, Phillip Jones, called the shooting “a horrible day for Newport News.”

He assured reporters, “We’re going to learn from this and we’re going to come back stronger.”

Glenn Youngkin, the governor of Virginia, indicated that he had offered help to the local authorities and that his administration was “ready to help in any manner we can.”

He posted on Twitter, “I am monitoring the situation and praying for the continued safety of all students and the community.

A metropolis of roughly 180,000 inhabitants, Newton News is located around 70 miles (112 km) south of Richmond, the state capital.

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