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Shadaya blasts Lady Zamar over Sjava rape saga

Controversial South African singer, Yamikani Janet Banda; known professionally as Lady Zamar exchanged blows on Twitter with Zimbabwean socialite Shadaya on her issue with Sjava.

Shadaya gave his opinion on the trending matter of Lady Zamar and Sjava’s rape case, and she responded with some harsh words.

Her response left some of the fans saying she was furious since she did not win the case.

Lady Zamar

This response came a few hours after the Collide hitmaker released a long message asking why people hate her so much.

Her statement triggered fresh wounds as most men aided with Sjava calling Lady Zamar a liar.

Most of them had harsh words for her, and she could not hide her feelings as she responded to Shadaya on Twitter.

“that’s insane … what a twisted web of lies this has become… none of these things here are facts… just stop.”

The controversial Zimbabwean socialite penned a lengthy text explaining his understanding and view.

Lady Zamar

He spoke at large of how much he felt that Lady Zamar was only playing the victim when she was the manipulator.

“Lady Zamar isn’t a victim of any kind, rather an architect of her own misery, infact she’s a manipulator. Pulling out the mental health excuse, trying to guilt shame people holding her accountable for laying false charges on an innocent man (Sjava) What about Sjava’s mental health? Her false allegations are going to have a lasting impact on this man – he’s always going to be an abuser in the eyes of many even proven innocent.” he said.

“He’s going to be stigmatized by brands, this will affect his income. He’s going to be stigmatized in society, this will strain his relationships Had she been successful in her agenda, she would not only have destroyed his reputation but stole a part of his lifetime, as he would be imprisoned Did she ever think of the harm she was doing to an innocent man for whatever petty reason she did it? Learn OR perish!!!” Shadaya finished.


Responding to Shadaya’s post on her case with Sjava, Lady Zamar gave a response that shocked many fans.

“here is another example of people building my narrative for me, spreading lies…i’m told that i should let this thing go yet there are accounts such as these concluding things about my character. demeaning and minimizing my experience, nullifying my trauma.. like i don’t matter😭” she said.

Many fans also came on as they asked her to tell the truth and they had a lot of words for her, and so was Shadaya who said.

“Tell the truth then, which the courts didn’t deem truth enough to convict Sjava”

After they exchanged words, fans also added their perceptions saying.

“Ma’am please ignore this people they are not worth listen to or responding them please 🙏 we love ❤️ 💗 you”

“Your story doesn’t really add up. So people can only see your bad side. I think in many rape cases the evidence is hard to come by especially when you are in a relationship with the person. Personally I think you are a lier and a scorned woman.”

“Eish, idk man… This seems too much hey. I hope you and him be okay in the end without neither of causing either of you pain and suffering in the long run. Rape is a serious thing, especially in 🇿🇦. Your recent tweet was really heartbreaking, esp. with the fact that you’re♀️”


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