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Sophie Ndaba opens up on her restoration

Popular South African actress Sophie Ndaba opens up on her restoration journey after facing health and financial challenges.

During a sit-down interview in July, Sophie said she had nothing in her bank account, her cars were taken from her and her health was depreciating; she lost weight and people had begun writing her obituary.

According to the actress, she locked herself up alone in her house for one year without children and nothing just to seek God’s face.

Sophie Ndaba

She claimed to have lots of cars, but it was all taken away from her and it felt like she was starting afresh.

Ndaba claimed to have promised to serve God if she gets restored.

Sophie Ndaba further slammed journalists and people who enjoyed reporting about her low moments and further spiced it.

However, she claimed she was not moved by the naysayers as she was focused on having her flesh and body restored.

Sophie Ndaba

“I remember sitting on my bedroom floor… I had nothing, my bank account was clean, I had no cars, I had nothing… God, you’ve brought me to point zero, God I’m here for it… I used to stand naked in front of the mirror, looking at my skeleton body, and say to God let’s go, and I started spilling affirmations… I am a skeleton, people had already written my obituaries, it was me against the world with my God, I cleave unto him…”

“I thought I need to reseek God… I was like I want to find this guy, this guy called Jesus, this guy called God… I stood in front of that mirror every day and I said God, I promise you if you restore flesh by flesh I will serve you…”

“We serve a mighty God, and anybody who doesn’t know who God is, I feel sorry for them,” she added.


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