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South Africa views current power crisis as disaster

The country’s electricity issue may be classified as a national calamity in South Africa.

On Monday, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the governing ANC had suggested declaring a national state of calamity to ensure adequate funding was committed to address the issue.

In his closing remarks at an ANC strategy meeting, he indicated that this would be comparable to the state of disaster declared in 2020 to manage the impacts of the Covid epidemic.

“Work is already underway within government to establish whether the legal requirements of a national state of disaster are met and what specific actions we would be empowered to undertake,” he said.

“A national state of disaster will enable us to have the instruments necessary to fully implement the challenges that our nation faces,” he added.

Long-lasting power outages are currently occurring in South Africa as a result of the country’s ongoing energy crisis, which is being blamed on corrupt officials and aging infrastructure.

The pressure on the ruling party to end the issue has been growing.

The president promised that the matter will receive immediate consideration and thorough government discussion.

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