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PICS: Inside Mzansi celebs’ Spring day celebration

Your favourite South African celebrities are excited about the new month, and a few expressed their excitement in photos shared on their social media platforms.

The first day of September launched people into the Spring season and many are excited about it, as they get to show more skin.

Taking to social media Moozlie thirst trap with photos of herself in a hot bikini.

Pearl Modiadie

Pearl Modiadie also shared lovely photos of herself in a bikini.

Pearl Modiadie

Actor Oros Mampofu and his family had a swell time today as seen in the video shared to celebrate the new season.

Oros Mampofu and family celebrate Spring day

HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING. It comes perfectly aligned to the weekend so I hope that encourages you to live your best lives and take a moment to breathe in the blooming flowers. Also, take a swim why don’t you,” he captioned post.


In other news – Watch: Gogo Maweni takes it to the next level with lions

Popular South African reality TV star and Sangoma, Gogo Maweni is confident in her powers as a traditional healer, and she also loves to explore which is quite evident in her day-to-day activities. From snakes to lions!

Gogo Maweni

Taking to Instagram, the reality TV star shared a video of herself at a part walking behind lions. While followers applauded her bravery, the sangoma perceived the adventure has a blessing. “Blessed beyond measures,” she captioned the post. Read More

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