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Nadia Nakai left starving in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean promoter scammed Nadia Nakai and left her starving in a hotel until she begged for food elsewhere.

Indeed, things could have been better for Nadia’s trip to Zimbabwe when she performed as a guest at an awards event. Coming out of a difficult month, this is the last thing Nadia would like to have. Mourning a lover is not easy, and getting scammed in a foreign country is more painful.

Nadia Nakai

The Zimbabwe show is one of Nadia’s first shows since AKA’s death, and we all thought she would be getting so much love. Instead, Zimbabwean scammers do not even care about that; they want to milk her, starve her, and get their money.

Indeed, this is a nightmare that nobody deserves, especially in a foreign country with few buddies to bail you out.


Nadia Nakai after being scammed

Nadia graced the Changamire festival, where many international and local artists received different awards. Among them was Rocky, who received a Lifetime Achievement award. In the wake of things, it came out that the promoter did not pay Nadia Nakai her money despite producing a vibrant performance.

While in her hotel room, the promoters, referred to as @jacksondezimboy, did not offer her any hospitality. In short, they scammed Nadia Nakai and left her starving.

Later, Nadia looked for food and asked if there were Uber eats in Zimbabwe. She later adviced other artists that they should avoid dealing with such scammers.

Expressing her disappointment she said:

These promoters really don’t give a f_ck! and l’m starving

This has left so many fans in anger as they expressed their feeling on Social media.

Despite facing many challenges with the promoters who scammed her and left her starving, Nadia gave fans what they paid for. She gave a five-star performance in Zimbabwe and even enjoyed it.

If it were not for the scammers who starved her, this would have been a perfect trip to Zimbabwe.


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