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Students Pay President Hakainde Hichilema a surprise visit at Community house

Students from various institutions of higher learning paid a surprise visit to President Hakainde Hichilema at the Community House to congratulate him on the milestones of debt restructuring and Mopani re-opening.

In a heartening display of appreciation, students from various institutions of higher learning surprised President Hakainde Hichilema with a visit at the Community House yesterday. Their visit was aimed at congratulating the President on the significant milestones achieved in debt restructuring and the reopening of Mopani.

Approximately 1000 students representing several universities, including the University of Zambia, Copperbelt University, National Institute of Public Administration, Evelyn Hone College, and Natural Resource Development College, gathered to express their gratitude and support for the recent accomplishmentsAddressing the enthusiastic crowd, President Hichilema, expressed his appreciation for the surprise visit. He emphasized the commitment of his administration to serve the nation diligently, striving to address various challenges for the betterment of Zambia. He particularly highlighted the importance of economic growth, job creation, and business opportunities for the youth.

“We don’t want imwe ba Monk and Momas to graduate and there are no jobs, awe,” President Hichilema remarked, underlining the government’s dedication to ensuring employment opportunities for graduates.

President Hakainde Hichilema

The President also assured the students of continued support for education and social welfare programs, citing the recent debt relief as a means to bolster the education sector and enhance social services such as healthcare.

NACOSU Chairperson, Mr. Michelo Chizombe, commended the debt relief initiative, emphasizing its potential to catalyze further improvements in the education sector. Additionally, representatives from student unions, including Joseph Musonda from UNZASU and Vincent Sakala from NIPASU, praised the increased allocation to higher education.

During the event, President Hichilema engaged in discussions with the students, fostering a direct dialogue between the youth and the government. The students expressed their delight at having the opportunity to interact with the President, with one remarking on the historical significance of the visit.

“Let’s be honest, no president in the history of our nation has ever had people visit their home. This says a lot about the future of His Excellency,” commented one student.

Another student praised President Hichilema’s commitment to economic development and hailed him as a leader with genuine intentions for Zambia’s progress.

“The test of a visionary leader is what you are going through, Mr. President,” said one of the youth, expressing admiration for President Hichilema’s resilience in the face of economic challenges and crises.

“You inherited a collapsed economy in the presence of COVID-19, sooner than later, Cholera pandemic, as if it’s not enough, drought hit the country, but you stood firm to your true vision to arrest the the economic hardships through closing all the potholes of corruption, further cementing it with debt restructuring deal. My prayer to you sir is that you stay longer with good health, may God bless you sir. I can’t wait to see the re-designed Lusaka City in the next 10 years,” he said.

The visit by students underscores the growing optimism and support for President Hichilema’s administration, as he navigates the path towards economic recovery and social development in Zambia.

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