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TAYALI Challenges Logistics & Transport Companies

The government has urged owners of shipping and logistics firms to always assume liability for their staff members when they are involved in disasters abroad.

FRANK TAYALI, Minister of Transport and Logistics, asserts that business owners should constantly be worried about the safety of their personnel who travel both domestically and internationally.

The Minister expressed concern that MEMORY BANDA was left in South Africa after the accident when he met the female truck driver who had recently been engaged in a traffic accident there.

He stated that since Ms. BANDA is unable to drive owing to her injuries from the accident, the government will look into her situation and determine how to assist her.

Mr. TAYALI reported that Ms. BANDA broke her arm and had a head injury when the vehicle she was operating overturned.

Speaking after touching down at Lusaka’s Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, Ms. BANDA praised the government for its assistance while she was hospitalized in South Africa.

She said that without the assistance of the government, she would not have been able to pay for the hospital bills and her return home.

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