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Tebogo Thobejane allegedly leaves South Africa for good

South African socialite and actress Tebogo Thobejane has announced that she has relocated permanently from South Africa as she is feeling unsafe. ‍

The mother of one says she no longer feels safe in Mzansi, she has left but will keep her home for when she visits.

Tebogo Thobejane

“I did not sell my house. I am keeping my house. But, I really hate South Africa,” she says. “ People fight so much in here. They can keep their country, club hosting, and their acting work. I will literally come if I have work, and to see my grandmother, nephews, and nieces. I think my time in this country is done.” Tebogo says she has taken her son with her. “My son is good where he is, far away from the toxicness. I am happy that I have the opportunity to not live in other countries. “ Tebogo did not reveal her whereabouts but says she has considered Europe. “But it’s too cold and too white. I’d rather live in Africa but be close to the world.”

Tebogo Thobejane

Tebogo has once been involved in a social media brawl with club hostess and socialite, Inno Morolong which allegedly turned into a physical fight. The reality TV star accused Tebogo of being “dirty” and being an “evil witch.”

“I don’t sell my body. I sleep good at night. My daughter knows one ex of mine. You call me an old rag but you sleep with 20 guys, in fact, 20 is an understatement. Some of these men you sleep with them without protection and you’re filthy,” Inno vented. “Some of these men f*ck you in your own house. No man has f*cked me in my own house. You’re even staying with your child but f*ck men in your own house. Unprotected sex. You f*ck the same set of friends, should I name-drop? I can mention the names of the men, all those Nigerians and old men.”


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