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The Media’s Controversy With Financial Journalism

KENNEDY KALUNGA, the permanent secretary for information and media, has urged the media to prioritize financial reporting in order to boost the economy.

The government is adopting a wide variety of financial sector changes, according to Mr. KALUNGA, who was speaking at the Financial Insight Zambia TV program’s premiere.

According to him, the government is happy with the steps private organizations have taken over the years to close the information gap in the financial sector.

According to MWINDWA SIAKALIMA, chief executive officer of Stanbic Bank, the bank is pleased to collaborate with organizations that boost financial literacy and will aid in the institution’s expansion.

Additionally, KPMG Managing Partner Jason Kazilimani stated that the company seeks to support the expansion of media companies and that financial journalism is not well-liked in Zambia.

Additionally, FIZ’s founder MWELWA CHIBESAKUNDA urged journalists to keep pursuing their dreams of entrepreneurship because they can find success in the field of journalism.

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