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PICS: The Qwabe Twins’ beautiful looks impress Mzansi

Popular Mzansi singers, Viggy Qwabe and Virginia Qwabe, known best as the Qwabe Twins, have left social media users speechless. This after a photo was shared of the pair looking absolutely stunning. In the snap, the twins can be seen wearing matching, t-shirts, wigs, and coloured contact lenses.

Many wondered whether the pair have had any work done while others remarked that having money helped them achieve the “glow up.”

Qwabe Twins

Beauty standards are getting higher by the day and the resources to achieve the “perfect” face and body are endless.

While there are a small percentage of people who still believe that true beauty doesn’t need makeup or waves, millions of men and women are spending thousands to look a certain way.

Qwabe Twins

It would appear that South African singing duo Viggy and Virginia have decided to splurge on a new look and judging by the comments, the fans are loving it.

A snap of the sisters looking stunning with full face beats, lace wigs, and coloured contact lenses was shared on Twitter.


Because the twins usually love looking au naturale and rarely wear makeup and weaves, social media users were blown away by the transformation.

Many of them loved their “new look” and shared their thoughts on how money really changes things for people.

“They will always remind us that when it’s ur turn to grow to be something big or to change ur life God will pick u even if you’re number last in the line,” one person said while another added:

“Money can buy you anything”


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