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Three people hospitalized after being assaulted by bystanders who caught them stealing

Three people were hospitalized after being assaulted by bystanders who discovered them stealing geysers from a medical facility.

A mob in Kabwe beat up three suspects after they were caught stealing two geysers from the Mukalashi rural health center and took them to the hospital.

Ironically, the facilities that George Katungu, 23, Give Nkausu, 36, and Joseph Chali, 40, attempted to rob by taking the geysers, which are the property of the Ministry of Health, are now caring for their wounds.

According to Central Province Police Commissioner David Chileshe, who verified the event to Mwebantu, it happened yesterday at the medical facility between 1:00 and 03:30.

The suspects were apprehended after being caught red handed. The report was made by a Neighbourhood watch member Brison Nkauso. Arrests and recovery was made and the suspects are admitted in hospital as they were badly beaten by members of the public after being caught in the act,” he said.

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