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Trump Files Lawsuit Following Death of Capitol Police Officer

Donald Trump is being sued for wrongful death by the partner of a US Capitol Police officer who passed away the day after the disturbance on January 6, 2021.

According to the lawsuit, Mr. Trump “deliberately stirred up the crowd” that assaulted Brian Sicknick.

On the occasion of the second anniversary of the riots, police have increased security on Capitol grounds.

Although the FBI claims there are still many at large, hundreds have already been found guilty.

According to federal police, more than 300 of the perpetrators of the violence that day remain unidentified.

One of them is in charge of the pipe bombs that were detonated the night before the riots near the Republican and Democratic national committee offices.

The FBI announced on Wednesday that it will pay anyone with information that can help them identify the culprit $500,000 (£420,730).

Two years ago, when Congress declared President Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 election, there was a riot at the US Capitol.

Following Mr. Trump’s speech at a rally one mile from the Capitol grounds, the mob assaulted the building. In his speech, Mr. Trump accused the election of being rigged and urged Mike Pence, who was vice president at the time, to annul the results.

Mr. Trump stated during the rally that “We’re going to walk down to the Capitol.” “You won’t have a country any more if you don’t fight like hell.”

He urged people to “make their opinions heard peacefully and patriotically” in the same speech.

Mr. Biden referred to the events of January 6 as a “inflection point” in US history when speaking at a commemorative gathering on Thursday at the White House.

It’s difficult to think that something like this could occur right here in America, he continued.

“January 6 is a reminder that nothing about our democracy is certain,” Mr. Biden continued.

Wrongful Death

A policeman shot and killed a lady during the clashes. On that day, three more people who were on Capitol grounds perished naturally.

One of them was Brian Sicknick, a Capitol Police officer who passed away after a series of strokes a day after the riots.

Although Mr. Sicknick was unharmed throughout the disturbance, his family claims in a lawsuit that the violent crowd contributed to his death.

In a wrongful death lawsuit filed on Thursday, Mr. Sicknick’s family charged that Mr. Trump “deliberately stirred up the crowd” and that Mr. Sicknick passed away as a result of “the injuries that violence produced.”

According to the lawsuit, “several attackers have since admitted that they carried out the attack according to what they thought to be Defendant Trump’s direct commands in service of their country.”

The lawsuit seeks $10 million in damages and also accuses Mr. Trump of assaulting Mr. Sicknick and violating his civil rights.

On the lawsuit, Mr. Trump has not yet made any remarks.

On Thursday, Mr. Biden presented the police officers who responded to the 6 January rioting with a number of presidential citizen’s medals, including a posthumous medal for Mr. Sicknick who “gave his life after protecting the bastion of democracy.”

Since the attacks, a congressional investigation led by Democrats has looked at Mr. Trump’s role in igniting the unrest.

The US House committee looking into the attack on January 6 requested that Mr. Trump be charged with obstruction and rebellion in December, making history by being the first former president to be referred to the criminal justice system by Congress.

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