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Tshepi Vundla is in serious

South African radio personality Tshepi Vundla appears to have gotten on the wrong side of social media users. This after many of them headed online to share how much they dislike her. While there isn’t a clear reason why peeps don’t like Tshepi, they did share some snippets as to why she’s on SA’s hated celeb list.

Meanwhile, she doesn’t appear to care at all and has ignored the social media hate. Local media personality Tshepi Vundla seemingly always finds herself on social media users wrong side these days.

Last month, the YFM radio personality found herself at the top of Twitter trend lists after she shared a clip of her son making a Thabo Bester joke. In the video, the model’s son, Siba, shares that he’s just realised that his father is Thabo B. Tshepi is married to rapper and producer JR, whose real name is Tabure Thabo Bogopa Junior.

Tshepi Vundla

With the same name as the so-called “Facebook rapist” and a both their surnames starting with the letter B, Siba joked that his father is “Thabo Bester”. The joke didn’t go down well with social media users who slammed her parenting style while adding that Thabo Bester jokes are highly inappropriate.

And now another tweep has headed online to celebrate Tshepi’s “downfall. I’m so happy for her downfall. She is not a good person,” the Twitter user wrote. It would appear more people actually truly dislike the radio personality.

Tshepi Vundla

“I’ll never forget how she and her sister pranked their mom by making her underwear smell bad and the mom was angry at their helper for not washing her underwear (panties) well. And they were busy laughing,” one person commented.

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