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Turkey Invited by Tayali to invest in Zambia

FRANK TAYALI, Zambia’s minister of transport and logistics, has urged the Turkish private sector to think about making an investment there and to look into potential opportunities in the private sectors for infrastructure and tourism growth.

According to Mr. TAYALI, the business community in Turkey has a higher opportunity of gaining from Zambia’s central location, land-linked connections, and the country’s current tranquility.

The Zambian team from the Public Private Partnership – PPP -Council, lead by Mr. Tayali, was in attendance, and the Minister was speaking at a working dinner sponsored by the Turkish Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, ADIL IKARAISMAILOLU.

On a study visit of Turkish government PPP projects, the crew was in Ankara.

According to Mr. TAYALI, the PPP Council has been instructed by President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA to travel to nations that have successfully implemented Public Private Partnership initiatives in order to learn from them and share their experiences.

He said that in light of Zambia’s limited fiscal space, the country’s development program would be realized through private sector involvement.

According to ADIL IKARAISMAILOLU, the Turkish Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, his nation is prepared to give all of its information, expertise, and experiences in order to help Zambia with its infrastructure development goal.

He mentioned that the PPP has advantages such as accelerating project completion and producing income for the government and the general population.

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