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TUTWA NGULUBE Described As Active & Devoted Attorney

According to the Ministry of Justice, TUTWA NGULUBE, a former representative for Kabwe Central, was an enthusiastic and dedicated lawyer who, regardless of the type of crime committed, stood up for the nation and the weaker members of society.

A well-known Lusaka attorney named Mr. NGULUBE passed away this morning following a brief illness.

Mr. NGULUBE will be remembered for his fervor in upholding the Constitution and advancing the principles of democracy in the nation, according to Justice Minister MULAMBO HAIMBE.

Mr. HAIMBE expressed his condolences to the NGULUBE family, saying that Zambia has lost a sincere and committed lawyer who was ready to defend his clients’ rights even when the cases were unpopular with the general public.

Mr. NGULUBE’s contributions to the administration of justice and the advancement of democracy in the nation, according to Mr. HAIMBE, will be missed.

This is according to a statement made by the Ministry of Justice’s Public Relations division.

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