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Tweeps Rescue Rapper Nasty C

Rapper Nasty C’s fans are certainly not jumping for joy after he was trolled by gossip blogger turned YouTuber, Musa Khawula. Khawula went all the way in to criticize Nasty C’s international fame and how he has dismally failed to make a name for himself.

Nasty C did was not granted mercy as Musa Khawula did not spare him any, while taking the biggest jabs at his international career and physique. On his new YouTuber page, Musa Khawula has ripped Nasty C into shreds while attacking his music career and it appears there is no love spared during Khawula’s insert.

Khawula went on to mention how Nasty C is a big time fail, even though he had his little glory with the international audience. Khawula expressed how he has been more wondering about Nasty C’s international short lived fame while interjecting that his music was also not selling.

“I wanted to ask, you know that I had this question lingering in my head that Nasty C has been international, shame do you remember that video where they made him wear that white wool, with Elaine on that Def Jam song that nobody cared for and whatnot. Baby, what happened to your international career, why is you back? Is the music not selling, what is going on because you know here in South Africa you’re highly… highly regarded. Everybody thinks you got the talent” said Musa Khawula

Khawula continued to cut even deeper at award-winning rapper Nasty C over his new inks that he recently tattooed himself. Highly not impressed, Khawula insert how Nasty C got the tattoos because he could not match up with some of the international rappers.

But as soon as you get international, it is a whole different market and your boring personality couldn’t match up with Gunna, and all of them… you know all of them dangerous people, Lil Uzi Vert and them tattoos and then you decided to get the most horrible tattoos on that short ass body of yours, I do not get it but kudos to you” said Musa Khawula

Nasty C’s fans were catching shaking in their boots as they rallies behind the rapper to defend him to Khawula’s smack-down. Fans and tweeps are still calling for Musa Khawula to be cancelled or jailed at best, following his pending murder case.

Nasty C’s fans have called Khawula many names including evil and devil, but for the unapologetic Musa Khawula everything is always like a normal Tuesday to him.

“What has it got to do with him? A proper devils agent this one” wrote Phiwa MaDlakadla

“Nasty is goated just stick to talking about slay queens and broken relationships this rap game was never for the alphabet gang” wrote Molema

“Musa Nasty C, lit up the stage at the MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs) and was a closing act, that’s a big deal. His home is south africa and his family is here, surely he will come home and visit do some radio, TV interviews here n there…” wrote Ora Moleko


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