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Two Arrested For vehicle Theft from Car Wash

Police have detained two individuals in relation to one of the thefts, which occurred at a car wash, after two vehicles were stolen yesterday in separate incidents.

When owner Mwelwa Mukosha came from the car wash, the Toyota Noah with the license plate BBA 6693 was not there.

According to deputy police spokesperson Danny Mwale of Zambia, the two suspects were caught trying to sell it in Chibolya township.

He claimed that while the suspects were in possession of the car, it was also later involved in an accident.

“Police have apprehended two suspects identified as Felix Banda aged 40 of Chawama township and Kennedy Ng’ona aged 29 of Kaunda Square Stage II, a car wash attendant at Waterfalls Shopping Mall. This is in connection with the theft of a Toyota Noah registration number BBA 6693 which was reported stolen at the car wash at waterfalls Mall in Lusaka,” he said.


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