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UN General Assembly to vote on draft resolution for ceasefire in Gaza

The United Nations General Assembly will vote on a draft resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and for parties to the conflict to fully comply with their obligations under international law. The resolution demands the immediate, continuous and unhindered provision of essential goods and services to civilians throughout the Gaza Strip and also, for the immediate release of all civilians while demanding their safety.

This as the U.N. continues to battle an escalating humanitarian emergency and growing concerns of an Israeli ground offensive, which could bring an entirely new dimension to the conflict.

While member states debate the latest resolution in the General Assembly, after four drafts failed passage in the Security Council. The U.N continues to warn that Gaza is being strangled with 47 % of housing units destroyed or damaged, more than 7 000 killed, 68 % women and children, 17 000 injured, 1.4 million displaced while the area has been under a full electricity blackout for 18 days.

“For almost three weeks now, Palestinian civilians in Gaza have endured relentless bombing by Israel from air, land and sea. Thousands of dead, lying dead amongst destroyed residential buildings, mosques and bakeries. We receive harrowing testimony of entire families killed by airstrikes on their homes including the families of our own staff members. Of parents writing children’s names on their arms to identify their future remains. Of the terrifying, sleepless nights people are spending in the open air, as airstrikes continue overhead. We mourn the loss of UN colleagues and so many more civilians who are clearly, disproportionately impacted,” says Ravina Shamdasani, Spokesperson for the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Source: eNCA

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