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What you probably didn’t know about Faith Nketsi

Well-known Mzansi television reality star and influencer Faith Nketsi has been a hot topic of conversation. This is primarily due to the recent revelation of her separation from Nzuzo Njilo during the fifth season of her reality show, Have Faith. As the public’s curiosity surges in the wake of these controversies, many are left wondering who exactly Faith Nketsi is. To provide some clarity, here are the top five facts that shed light on her life and career.

Faith is a Capricorn

According to Famous Birthdays, the social media influencer was born on 30 December 1994 in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is currently 28 years old and her sign is Capricorn.

She was a dancer

Faith Nketsi

Known as the “Queen of Twerk,” Faith Nketsi has garnered a massive following on social media. Beyond her online presence, Faith is no stranger to the dance floor, having been recognized as a member of the female dance crew Pro-Twerkers.

She has over 3 million Instagram followers 

Faith Nketsi’s social media presence is undeniably influential, with a staggering 3 million followers on Instagram, 134.4K followers on X, and an additional 18K followers on Facebook. These platforms serve as a direct conduit for her to engage with her extensive fanbase.

Faith Nketsi

Through her posts, Faith showcases her love for travel, frequently jet-setting to glamorous destinations like Paris, New York, and Los Angeles. Furthermore, her affinity for luxury is evident, as she indulges in high-end brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci, giving her followers a glimpse into her opulent lifestyle. Faith’s social media accounts not only offer her fans a window into her world but also exemplify her status as a style and lifestyle influencer.

Faith is a wife

Faith Nketsi

The social media star is the wife of Nzuzo Njilo, a South African businessman. The pair have a daughter called Sky Njilo, born in August 2022.

However, their marriage faced a lot of controversy after Njilo was charged with fraud. In the fifth season of the reality show Have Faith, Nketsi disclosed that they had already separated and were thinking of divorce.

Nkesti owns a cosmetic brand

Faith founded her online cosmetics brand Fe Beauty in 2020. The store sells various products, including beauty, cosmetics and skincare items. Additionally, she has her own reality TV show, Have Faith, where she showcases her personal life.


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