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Unathi Nkayi’s advice to all men who get s.e.xually abused

Well-known South African radio personality, Unathi Nkayi says it is important for men to open up about their sexual abuse encounters as it aids in making informed decisions.

Taking to her timelines, the presenter says she’s heard stories of how men got deflowered by their domestic workers.

Unathi Nkayi

“Among the men in my life, whether it is friends, cousins, colleagues, uncles, husbands of friends, there’s an alarming amount of men who have confided in us and spoken to say they lost their virginity to their nannies, or they were s.e.xually assaulted by their nannies, or s.e.xually groomed by their nannies, some have mentioned drivers, gardeners and being sexually assaulted by people who have been paid by the family to help around the family businesses or estates, or help raise the kids,” she said.

Unathi further urged men to keep up with the conversation in other to create more awareness around it.

Unathi Nkayi

“Conversations that I am thankful for and I want the men in our lives to continue having these conversations because I think sexual abuse is something we don’t focus on enough. It is a conversation I was having with a friend. I was saying as a mom of a boy and a girl, for me it is important to have balanced conversations around such, so thank you for these conversations because what you do is you allow us to make informed decisions.”


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Lerato Mvelase

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