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Uncle Vinny falls very hard on stage

Uncle Vinny falls very hard on stage as he tried attempting crowd surfing in Cotton Fest Durban. The young star joined other SA musicians to perform at the first Cotton Fest in Durban. In a video shared on Twitter, Vinny alerted the crowd before surfing, but they failed to get him.

As seen in the video, Uncle V fell but got up and returned back to the stage. The event cracked lots of ribs, and some poked fun at him.

Speaking of Uncle Vinny being an entertainer, there is a video that has been getting quite a lot of attention on social media lately, and some people have even been posting the video on many other platforms to make fun of him because of what happened to him in the video. In the video, Uncle Vinny can be seen standing on stage, and it seemed as if he wanted to jump into the crowd, as he kept on going back and forth, until he could be seen running towards the crowd and ended up falling off the stage, and people could be heard laughing at him from the crowd.

In other news – Former The Queen actress Brenda Ngxoli opens up on the challenges she faced last year

Brenda Ngxoli celebrated her birthday and opened up about her challenges in the past year. Since then, she gave birth to her daughter and has been living her private life since then. While celebrating her birthday, Brenda spoke at large of her challenging year.

Brenda Ngxoli

She also praised herself for being able to go through the difficult times she faced, and fans loved it.
Her silence over the past year had been worrying most of her fans, who expressed it on her birthday. Learn more

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