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Influencer spits out Uncle Waffles KFC burger after taking a bite

Mzansi is not impressed with KFC and its Uncle Waffles burger and many of them have shared negative reviews about the burger which they described as having a sweet and savory taste. And now one food influencer has gone viral after she did a taste test video in which she spits the burger out of her mouth after having a bite.

While many were excited about the new addition to the menu, others don’t think that the meal should be marketed to South Africans who are not too accustomed to having sweet and savory meals mashed up.

It would appear a number of South Africans will not be having the Uncle Waffles KFC burger as their go-to meal at the fast food restaurant.

Influencer films herself spitting Uncle Waffles burger out after taking a bite

Many of them have used the restaurant to get their hands on the meal which consists of a crispy KFC chicken filet dunked in maple chipotle sauce, topped with cheese, and served in between two warm waffles.

Unfortunately, according to their reviews, the meal isn’t exactly to their liking.

In fact, one food influencer recently decided to review the meal herself. As usual, she set up her camera and prepared herself to share an honest review of the meal.

Influencer films herself spitting Uncle Waffles burger out after taking a bite

After taking one bit, however, it would appear she couldn’t stomach the meal and immediately spat it out on camera.

Take a look at the clip below:

While she isn’t the first to say she didn’t enjoy the meal, others couldn’t help but wonder whether or not her reaction was a little dramatic.

In the comment section, locals shared their thoughts on how they think the meal tastes.

“I tried it. It’s very horrible. I took one bite and threw it away. It’s too sweet and that whole texture is weird.,” one person said and a number of others agreed.

“Is it that bad or maybe it’s just her fishing for likes and interaction?,” one app asked, while a third added:

“This is her fakest review. She didn’t even taste the food or chew. She did this for views because wow.”


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