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US Vice President KAMALA HARRIS Today expected in Country for Two day official visit

STANLEY KAKUBO, the minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation, has announced that Ms. HARRIS and her husband DOUGLAS EMHOFF will be in the nation from today through Saturday.

According to a statement released in Lusaka by Mr. KAKUBO, Ms. HARRIS will meet with President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA in a private setting today.
The discussions will center on issues of shared concern at the bilateral, regional, and international levels, such as democracy and food security.

security and long-term economic expansion.

The US Vice President’s visit, according to Mr. KAKUBO, aims to enhance US efforts to increase aid to Zambia in terms of gaining access to the digital economy, assisting with adaptation to and resilience from climate change, and fostering business relations and investment.

He claims that the rise in high-level visits to Zambia by foreign dignitaries and leaders is evidence of the world community’s restored faith in the nation’s current leadership.

The trips, according to Mr. KAKUBO, are essential and highlight Zambia’s position as a top investment location.

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