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Mihlali gets dragged for saying she wants to marry a very rich man

Mzansi influencer and blogger, Mihlali Ndamase stays trending after a video clip of her stating why she wants to marry a rich man, went viral. The beauty influencer and CEO of Malakyt SA, shared her sentiments on women bagging rich men and why they should also have their own finances in check as well.

A tweep shared a clip from her recent YouTube channel where Mihlali speaks about wanting to marry a rich man. She also advised women to also have their own money so that when the man leaves, their lives are still in place. She also pointed out how the man should add to their lifestyle but it should not change if he and his money decides to up and leave.

Mihlali Ndamase

Social media users shared their sentiments on the matter with some bashing Mihlali for giving unrealistic advice. Some trolled her and others got the message.

Here are some of the reactions:

Mihlali is currently in a relationship with Leeroy Sidambe, a businessman who is currently going through a divorce with his wife Mary Jane Sidambe.


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Gogo Maweni

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