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VIDEO – Pastor bashed after being caught with a married woman

A video of a Rusape pastor who was caught with a married woman in bed has caused a stir on social media.

According to H Metro the pastor only identified as Mutsipa was caught in bed sleeping with a friends wife.

In the video you could hear the pastor narrating his story, saying that the woman was the first to dream about him and claimed that she made the move.

He wanted to resist it but he said the temptation was so strong that all he had to do was give in.

Meanwhile the police have released a statement that they are investigating the incident.

In a statement the police wrote:

The ZRP confirms that investigations are being conducted in connection with an assault video which has gone viral on the social media platforms where a man identified as Mutsipa is being severely assaulted by Baba Joy and others.

Mutsipa had allegedly been caught with his best friend’s wife. The ZRP urges the public not to take the law onto their hands if wronged by another person but to report and follow the due process of the law to get redress.

In other news – Man attempts to burn ex-lover alive

A 29-year-old man from Mavava line under Chief Gampu in Tsholotsho, Matabeleland North province who couldn’t accept that his ex-lover had moved on has been arrested for allegedly torching a hut in which she and her new lover were sleeping.

The incident happened last week on Friday at around 8pm. Learn More

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