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Mihlali Ndamase addresses her viral ‘farting’ video

Mihlali Ndamase might hold the title of the highest-paid influencer in the country, and one of the most followed YouTubers in the game currently. But that does not mean she is immune to making mistakes on the platform. Case in point, the matter of her latest vlog.

As reported at the time:

Mihlali Ndamase

Mihlali Ndamase latest vlog failed to impress her thousands of subscribers as they threatened to unsubscribe if she did not take it down. Eventually, the beauty vlogger took the video down and you might be wondering why is that? Well, the influencer actually released a fart while recording and did not even edit that part out when making the final product.

The fart was captured by one of her subbies before removing the vlog and she shared it on Twitter. The clip made her trend with people divided as to whether it’s acceptable behaviour or not.

Moreover, the agitation from her followers stemmed from a past tweet that she shared about the effects eggs have on her farts.

Following a couple of days and the video being taken down, Mihlali has returned with an update and clarification in terms of the context and authenticity of the “fart.”

While some of Mihlali’s followers were up in arms of her latest vlog featuring the influencer and digital content creator farting. Mihlali and her team it seems were working tirelessly to address the matter behind the scenes. This is as Mihali eventually took to her Instagram stories to set the record straight.

Mihlali Ndamase

First, she asserted that the fart was merely an audio track added by her video editor. Secondly, she explained that the video editor was inspired by the since-deleted tweet shared above. However, what she and her team failed to realize was that the general audience would take the “audio” track to heart and believe that she was actually farting.

As such, she also confirmed that the “fart” will be removed from the video. Moreover, she affirmed that the video will make an imminent return on YouTube after the audio is removed. As to when exactly is the video going up again remains a mystery as she did not reveal that.

mihlali fart

However, this is not the first time that Mihali has been called and needed to return to social media to clarify. Remember:


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