Uzalo actor Sibonelo (Wiseman Mncube) scams elderly people

On Uzalo, Mbatha will never change his ways. He’s a fake pastor, who deserves to be struck by lightning before he continues to ruin many more lives.

His followers also deserve hot klaps for being fooled by him.

Mbatha has managed to convince them to hand over every cent in their names to him, even going as far as telling them their money will block them from the kingdom of God.

Shame on him and other Fong Kong pastors. He’s not the only one on the show who’s money-hungry.

Wiseman Mncube

Nomaswazi and Sibonelo have started yet another scheme.

This time, they are targeting elderly people and convincing them to get life cover from which, once it’s paid off, money is shared between them.

The only upside is that they are not pulling a Rosemary on them, by killing them and at least the “victims” get away with most of the money.

The woman they managed to convince to play dead received more than R2 million and thought she could go to the bank to pay off her debts.

She was then reminded that she had died. Such mistakes may end in her dying for real as Sibonelo doesn’t believe in having loose ends in any of his dealings.

Wiseman Mncube

He and Nomaswazi have also been toying around with the idea of doing a Sassa grant scam. Why can’t people just work for their money instead of looking for get-rich-quick schemes?

Bheki believes he’s found his forever yena in Philisiwe on Nikiwe.

He also believes no weapon formed against them will prosper, not even his financial woes which are making it difficult for him to gather enough money to pay lobola and the fact that they don’t approve of him.

Who could blame the family for not approving? I mean, Philisiwe has a baby with Bheki’s brother, and now she’s suddenly fallen in love with Bheki.

Despite what people think, Bheki is determined to marry Philisiwe – even if it means he sells his possessions to get lobola money and start an illegal business.

He wants to plant weed and sell it in Mozambique with the help of his niece Nikiwe and her brother Ntsika.

His family believes Philisiwe, who’s a sangoma, has given him korobela because of the great lengths he’s going to impress her. His uncle has even given him muthi to try and get the korobela out of his system.

The muthi won’t work cause what they have, contrary to people’s beliefs, is genuine.

Source: News365.co.za

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Bonang Matheba

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