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Social media reacts to Nadia Nakai’s twerking clip

Well-known rapper, Nadia Nakai’s twerk dance left fans disagreeing on X (Twitter). Nadia Nakai had been the talk in the past few months after the death of her boyfriend, AKA.

Many fans mourned, AKA with her, and the fans gave her quite some time, saying she was weeping. However, it seemed that the time when fans would be lovely to Nadia, believing she was mourning, was over. Nadia did what most fans thought was improper in her dance video at the Cotton Fest.

Nadia Nakai

Some even ended up happy that AKA dodged such a woman, but some fans did not agree. Some fans suggested Nadia must be left alone and find a new man rather than continue pinning her to AKA.

@Kaudinge yaShityeinge PhD “The Widow period is over; she need someone to wife her.”

Most fans knew Nadia as a rapper, and they did not know much about her dancing. Getting to watch her dancing, and especially twerking the way she did, surprised them.

Nadia Nakai

Surprisingly, this kind of dancing is popular among rappers like Nicky Minaj and many others.

Nadia gave her back to the fans and started shaking her bum twerking, and the crowd loved it.

The MC also chanted highly during her dancing, giving her the energy to continue.

After a video of Nadia Nakai’s twerk dances was shared on X (Twitter), many fans clashed with their different opinions. Some believed she was not supposed to dance like that, while others thought she did well.

@ZafarMirzo “Survivability of prejudices testifies to the unproductiveness of society’s worldview.”

@Shonny “She failed in her mission to secure a position with the Forbes now she’s back to where she was found”

@zeeboy “She’s horny, that’s all”

@Lassy 🗑 Laden “Maybe it helps her to relax while on stage”

@LeboMoshwang “This looks like a cry for help, i mean maybe when she gets home she cry😣😣”

@Minister of Voiceless Minority “It’s not like they were married and stuff. It was a boyfriend girlfriend relationship. Life goes on, she got to eat. Gents if you die and you not married to her, next gentleman on her hitlist takes up your space after your burial.”

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