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Worms from the Fall Army Consume C/Belt Farms

More than 6,942 farmers in the Copper Belt have had their maize fields overrun by Fall army Worms.

According to Copper Belt Agriculture Coordinator OBVIOUS KABINDA, 147 out of the 238 agriculture camps in the area have been invaded by Army worms.

Kalulushi is the most severely impacted of all the agriculture camps infested with army worms, according to Dr. KABINDA, who spoke to ZNBC News in Kitwe.

He said that in order to protect the grain, the government began educating farmers to combat army worms at a young age.

Dr. KABINDA continued by saying that in order to combat the worms, the government has also teamed up with stakeholders like the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Farmers on the Copper Belt have been working with seed producers to grow varieties protected against army worms, he continued.

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