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Xoli Mfeka speaks on her beef with ex-best friend, Wandi Ndlovu

The first episode of This Body Works for Me season 2 features Xoli Mfeka, Bubbly, Gina, Primadonna, and Wandi Ndlovu.

And the newcomers are Diamond, Dione Xanthe, and Lebo. Show aired on Tuesday, 22 August.

Xoli brought Dione Xanthe on the show last season to do a scene with her and Wandi, her former best friend turned biggest enemy.

Xoli, who is considered one of the pioneers of the adult entertainment industry in Mzansi, explains why her role will be less in the show’s second season.

“My brother called me and told me that my mum and grandmother were in hospital. That’s why I’m up and down, from here to there.

Xoli Mfeka

“Being on this show has changed my life in many ways and I am grateful for it. As an adult entertainer, we hardly get opportunities like this, so this is really amazing, and the platform is great.” Xoli said.

She said she has become more popular because of this show.

“I am now famous and people recognise me everywhere I go. It’s so weird, but I like it a lot. I never thought that I would be this famous one day,” she said.

She explained why she and Wandi are no longer on good terms.

“Wandi sued me after we shot a movie. That broke my heart because I really liked her. I’ve always wanted us to win. It is weird that we no longer talk to each other,” Xoli said.

Gina said she joined the show because she wanted viewers to see that they are also human beings.

“I am a mum and a daughter who comes from a very religious background. Even though I am an exotic dancer, I have not forgotten where I come from,” said Gina.

Wandi Ndlovu

For Bubbly, being an adult entertainer is her business.

“Being a businesswoman is not easy and I want people to see the ups and downs of it all,” she said.

Dione hopes that her story will resonate with survivors of abuse.

“My life has not always been easy. The things I’ve gone through would have broken me, but I am still standing and that should be a lesson for other people,” said Dione.

The producer and POP24 executive producer, Zinzi Velelo Alak, said: “This Body Works for Me is a concept that seeks to shine a light on what women in the adult entertainment industry go through.”


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