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Yango launches new technology to improve road safety

Today in Zambia, Yango, a global ride-hailing service, launched a new safety feature called driving style monitoring. The algorithm compiles user reviews of rides on Yango in real time using a progressive impact scale. Users who consistently report a driver’s risky driving behavior are deemed to be in breach of the service guidelines, and the offending driver will be notified via a driver app. After receiving several notifications, if nothing changes, the algorithm limits the driver’s access to Yango. Thus, the technology aids in preventing potentially dangerous maneuvers and accidents for drivers who cooperate with the service.

“Safety is a top concern in our operation, and we continually invest in our own safety systems to help keep the places we work in safe. Introducing this function in Lusaka, Kitwe, and Ndola gives us great pleasure. We are still committed to introducing more of our safety technologies, which have previously demonstrated their effectiveness in other areas, to the Zambian market. — Kabanda Chewe, Yango’s country manager in Zambia.

There are already a number of features in the Yango app that raise the level of safety for all rides. For instance, the safety tab in the app enables users to notify trusted contacts about their ride so they can follow the route, report any personal items left in a vehicle, get in touch with customer service if the driver has broken any traffic laws, etc. Users can also view the name and license plate number of the partner driver who will be providing the ride with each order.


Yango is an international online service for ordering rides. It already operates in more than 20 countries across Europe, Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Unlike other ride-hailing services, Yango app uses its own mapping, routing, and navigation as well as smart order distribution.

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