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Zacci Welcomes Si On Imports Of Mealie Meal

The Statutory Instrument to Suspend Duties and Provide for the Importation of Mealie Meal has been signed, and it has been welcomed by the Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In a phone interview with ZNBC News, ZACCI President CHABUKA KAWESHA said that his group was among those consulted before to the SI’s signature.

According to Dr. KAWESHA, of the several options on the table, signing SI number 10 looked more practical to alleviate the current mealie meal scarcity.

He claimed that ZACCI has informed its members of the news and is asking the business community to seize the opportunities presented by the SI.

Dr. KAWESHA has emphasized that the SI offers the private sector some incentives and a measure of market liberalization.

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