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Zahara’s fiancé pulls the plug

There seems to be behind-the-scenes drama brewing between family of multi-award winning musician, Zahara and her hubby-to-be, Mpho Xaba. While the doctors are doing their best to save Zahara?s life, who turned 36 in November, her fiancé has allegedly pulled the plug on her “controlling” family.  According to a reliable source, Xaba allegedly told the hospital management during the week that he was reneging on last week’s agreement that only himself, Zahara’s mother Nokhaya, her two sisters and brother were allowed to visit her in ICU at a private hospital.


“This week an angry Xaba told hospital management and doctors treating Zahara that only himself will visit her, claiming her family wants to control everything yet they won’t pay for her hospital bills,” the source alleges, adding that, “Zahara family has been banned from visiting her after he overheard them discussing unsettling money issues yet they won’t pay for urgent medical procedures that need to be done to save her. Mpho put his foot down and said he’s Zahara husband,” said the source.

The source maintains that Zahara?s mom, Nokhaya, and brother haven’t done anything wrong, but have been supportive towards her.

“Zahara’s mom has been dragged into this situation because her sisters are too controlling. Remember when Zahara had to do more tests, it was his brother who raised the money, which ran into a few thousands of Rands,” adds the source.

Zimoja has learned that that more money is needed for more tests to be performed to determine how far she can be assisted medically, but her family doesn?t have enough money. .


“Zahara is still awaiting more funds to do more tests before she can be put in the long queue for a liver transplant. But no one is coming to assist her, despite promises done privately by some of her music industry colleagues.”

According to the source, chances of her spending Christmas in hospital are high after she was admitted a fortnight ago with a liver-related complications.

Despite her man setting boundaries about who can visit, it is alleged that rapper and business mogul, Cassper Nyovest, paid Zahara a visit this week on two occasions. Cassper made sure he didn’t take any photos with her or anyone in case photos of Zahara are leaked on the internet since she is frail,” said a source.

Zimoja broke the story last Sunday that Zahara was sick but her family and management team asked for privacy and prayers. They promised that updates would be made on the musician?s social media platforms but this hasn’t happened. When called for comment, Zahara’s manager Oyama Dyosiba defended Xaba, saying he was acting within his rights.

“That guy doing an amazing job and acting within his responsibilities. For Zahara to be in private hospital it is because of him. Zahara remains in hospital we can’t allow everyone to come in as they please. Her state is critical and sensitive. Until she is fully fine we can?t allow certain people,” he said.

Source: Zimoja

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