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Zambia Engages In Restoring Lost Forestation

For the African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative, 32 African nations have committed to restoring 138 million hectares of forest by 2030.

With assistance from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) program, nine African nations, including Zambia, have started the restoration of 13.5 million hectares of damaged and deforested landscapes.

Livingstone The effort was introduced in Livingstone by Mayor CONSTANCE MULEABAI, who also announced Zambia’s commitment to restoring two million hectares of degraded land by 2030.

And previously, ABEL SIAMPALE, the program manager for the WWF Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative, stated that out of the two million hectares that Zambia has promised to restore, WWF will help the government restore 500,000 hectares in various landscapes.

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