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Zambian police trained in maintaining public order in UK

Last week, FIVE active members of the Zambian Police Service traveled to Durham, England, to take part in public order policing training. The trip is a component of a program that the UK government continues to sponsor in order to support Zambia’s deployments to UN and AU peacekeeping missions.

The officers observed how to manage the delivery of public order training to maximize the safety of both police officers and members of the public who are caught up in such occurrences during their three days with Durham Constabulary’s center of excellence. Additionally, the officers went to and saw specialized police departments, such as operational planning directorates and contact centers/control rooms.

The police will provide thorough public order training to their colleagues when they return to Zambia, passing along the expertise they have acquired. The training will enable Zambia to uphold its commitments safely and successfully if the government chooses to send a police force on future peacekeeping deployments abroad.

The 16 Zambian officers who also traveled to the UK for training as part of the British Peace Support Team program in 2021/22 include the five officers who visited the UK.

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